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use v6;
# Specification:
# P39 (*) A list of prime numbers.
# Given a range of integers by its lower and upper limit, construct a list
# of all prime numbers in that range.
# Copied from
sub is_prime (Int $n) {
for 2..sqrt $n -> $k {
return Bool::False if $n %% $k;
return Bool::True;
# *@range is a slurpy parameter - it will swallow all the arguments passed
sub primes (*@range) {
gather for @range {
take $_ if is_prime $_;
# we can call it with a range, as in the specification...
say ~primes(10..20);
# or we can pass a list...
say ~primes(3,5,17,257,65537);
# or a series...
say ~primes(1,2,*+1...100);
# vim:ft=perl6
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