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99  Problems In Perl
Based on the problems from (which is stored here for future use)

Save solutions as as in other directorys where XX is the problem number and author is!
Please include a specification describing the problem and, ideally, a
description of your solution and the perl6 features that it uses.

Use this as a template for your solutions:

use v6;

# Specification:
#   PXX (*) Problem copied from L-99_Ninety-Nine_Lisp_Problems.html
#       You are encouraged to modify the specification to fit perl6 thinking.
#       For example, P21 originally implied returning a copy of the list,
#       since LISP does not have mutable lists; you may change the wording to
#       reflect this, or change the spec to allow modification in-place.
# Example: (preferably in the form of a REPL session)
# > say 'Hello, world!'
# Hello, world!

# Explanation of your answer, discussion of perl6 features used
# We create a function which returns its argument to needlessly complicate a
# hello, world program

sub my_func ($x) {
    return $x

say my_func('Hello, world!')
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