LWP::Simple quick & dirty implementation for Rakudo Perl 6
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Latest commit 349408c Mar 17, 2017 @zoffixznet zoffixznet Fix for lexical require
We use ::SSL's symbols later, so we must not do the `require` inside
a block, since it imports them lexically.

Also use the much-faster .starts-with() instead of regex.


Perl6 LWP::Simple

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This is a quick & dirty implementation of a LWP::Simple clone for Rakudo Perl 6.

Since Perl 6 is a bit new, this LWP::Simple does both get and post requests.


LWP::Simple depends on the modules MIME::Base64 and URI, which you can find at http://modules.perl6.org/

Current status

As of 2011-04-22, runs with all recent rakudo builds. It correctly follows redirects, but no infinite redirects detection yet.