LWP::Simple quick & dirty implementation for Rakudo Perl 6
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LWP::Simple for Perl 6

Build Status

This is a quick & dirty implementation of a LWP::Simple clone for Rakudo Perl 6; it does both GET and POST requests.


LWP::Simple depends on the modules MIME::Base64 and URI, which you can find at http://modules.perl6.org/. The tests depends on JSON::Tiny.


zef install --deps-only .

You'll have to install IO::Socket::SSL via

zef install IO::Socket::SSL

if you want to work with https too.


use LWP::Simple;

my $content = get("https://perl6.org");

my $response = post("https://somewhere.topo.st", { so => True }

Current status

You can use HTTP::UserAgent instead, with more options. However, this module will do just fine in most cases.


Use the installed commands:

 lwp-download.p6  http://eu.httpbin.org


 lwp-download.p6  https://docs.perl6.org 

If ÌO::Socket::SSL has been installed.

lwp-get.p6  https://perl6.org

will instead print to standard output.