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JJ Fixes the problem of links-as-arrays
Which I don't really understand, but that's the way it is. Fixes #34.

Also WIP for perl6/doc#2562, will have to be tested.

Adds a ChangeLog for registering changes in every new version. Writes
tests also for new feature.
Latest commit 92f2e4e Jan 13, 2019


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Render many Pod6 files into one big file and build a TOC and index. The provided CSS does support printing, as far as printing HTML goes.


Install it the usual way

zef install --deps-only .

And test it

zef test .


Let us find the *.pod6 files for you and run using two threads at a time.

pod2onepage -v --source-path=../../perl6-doc/doc \
    --exclude=404.pod6,/.git,/precompiled > tmp/html.xhtml

You can use, for instance,

perl6 -Ilib bin/pod2onepage -v --source-path=. --html >  tmp/pod2onepage.html

to generate a single page in HTML from the README.pod6 included here.

In general, this module has been designed to work with the Perl 6 documentation. But it can also be used as an actual library. See examples in the t/ directory and, of course, pod2onepage.


  • -v --verbose

    verbose output

  • --source-path

    Where to look for files ending in .pod6.

  • --exclude

    Comma separated list of strings the processed files or paths shall not end with.

  • --no-cache

    Don't use precompilation to cache pod6 files.

  • --precomp-path

    Sets the path where precompiled pod6 files are created. Defaults to environment variable TEMP, TMP or /tmp.

  • --html

    Generate HTML instead of the default XHTML.


To enable network tests to be run, set ONLINE_TESTING environment variable to a true value.