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Render many Pod6 files into one big file and build a TOC and index. The provided CSS does support printing, as far as printing HTML goes.


Let it find the *.pod6 for you and have two threads at a time.

pod2onepage -v --threads=2 --source-path=../../perl6-doc/doc --exclude=404.pod6,/.git,/precompiled > tmp/html.xhtml


  • -v --verbose

    verbose output

  • --source-path

    Where to look for files ending in .pod6.

  • --exclude

    Comma separated list of strings files or paths shall not end with.

  • --no-cache

    Don't use precompilation to cache pod6 files.

  • --threads

    Number of threads to use. Defaults to environment variable THREADS or 1.

  • --precomp-path

    Where to put precompiled pod6 files. Defaults to environment variable TEMP or TMP or /tmp.