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[compilers] remove sprixel and Yapsi

they do not seem to be actively developed at the moment
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- <a href="">Yapsi</a> is Yet Another
- Perl Six Implementation, an implementation of a Perl 6
- compiler-and-runtime in Perl 6. Yapsi issues monthly releases
- and is actively developed.
- </li>
- <li>
- <a
- href="">Sprixel</a> was a
- Perl 6 compiler targetting the Common Language Runtime (.NET
- and Mono). It has a storied history (many total rewrites), but it
- intended to implement a small strongly/natively-typed
- functional-programming subset of Perl 6 ("perlesque"), but
- specifically the flavor of Perl 6 used by STD, to facilitate
- quick bootstrapping of the official STD grammar and Cursor parser
- engine to the CLR. It is no longer actively developed.
- </li>
- <li>
<a href="">Pugs</a> is written in Haskell.
Maintenance releases for successive versions of ghc are
<a href="">published</a> to

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