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This is the source code

It is rendered with mowyw[1] every 15 minutes, so updates to the repository
should also result in an update of If not, talk to moritz on


Here are some guidelines that you should respect when changing this site:

 * Only link to up-to-date information; feel free to delete outdated
   information - it is often more confusing than helpful

 * Be nice

 * Don't hesitate to link to pages you wrote youself, if they are helpful to
   a broader Perl 6 audience

 * If you have a Perl 6 blog, get it included in the feed
   instead. Talk to [Coke] on #perl6

 * If you intend to change the layout, consider what happens when:
    - user's viewport is small (e.g. 800x600)
    - user resizes window

 * Test layout changes on, with particular consideration
   to badly broken browsers - IE6 still needs to be considered (2009-07).
   IE5.5 and below can be ignored.

 * We spell "Perl 6" consistently with a non-breaking space. If you don't have
   already, go get an editor with decent Unicode support.

 * Speaking of which, all pages are served as UTF-8.

 * If you create a new page, please link to the URL without the .html extension

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