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use v6;
use Test;
plan 17;
BEGIN { @*INC.push: 't/spec/packages' };
# defined in t/spec/packages/
use Exportops;
# note that eval_dies_ok executes in the context of
#, and doesn't import or lift the operators
ok eval('5!'), 'postfix:<!> was exported...';
ok eval('5! == 120 or die'), '... and it works';
eval_dies_ok '5!', ' does not import the operators';
ok eval('"a" yadayada "b"'), 'infix:<yadayada> was exported';
ok eval('"a" yadayada "b" eq "a..b" or die'), '... and it works';
#?pugs todo
ok eval('my $a = "a"; $a yadayada= "b"; $a eq "a..b" or die'), '... and yadayada= works too';
ok eval('¢"foo"'), 'imported Unicode prefix operator';
ok eval('¢4 eq "4 cent" or die '), '... and it works';
ok eval('3 ± 4'), 'infix:<±> was exported';
#?pugs todo
ok eval('(3 ± 4).isa(Range) or die'), '... and it works';
is eval("( NAN+"), 3, "infix:<NAN+> was exported";
is eval("( +"), 3, "multi infix:<+> was exported and is visible";
#?pugs todo
is eval('my $a =; $a NAN+=; $a.number;'), 3, "NAN+= works too";
is eval('my $a =; $a +=; $a.number;'), 3, "+= works too";
is 4 + 2, 6, "Normal infix:<+> still works";
#?pugs todo
dies_ok { eval('3 notthere 4') }, 'not-exported operator was not imported';
eval_dies_ok '5!', 'import of operators is lexical';
# vim: ft=perl6
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