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use Test;
plan 31;
my $r;
=begin pod
The seven suspects are:
=item Happy
=item Dopey
=item Sleepy
=item Bashful
=item Sneezy
=item Grumpy
=item Keyser Soze
=end pod
$r = $=pod[0];
is $r.content.elems, 8;
for 1..7 {
isa_ok $r.content[$_], Pod::Item;
is $r.content[1].content[0].content, 'Happy', 'content is happy :)';
is $r.content[2].content[0].content, 'Dopey';
is $r.content[7].content[0].content, 'Keyser Soze';
nok $r.content[4].level.defined, 'no level information';
=begin pod
=item1 Animal
=item2 Vertebrate
=item2 Invertebrate
=item1 Phase
=item2 Solid
=item2 Liquid
=item2 Gas
=item2 Chocolate
=end pod
$r = $=pod[1];
is $r.content.elems, 8;
for 0..7 {
isa_ok $r.content[$_], Pod::Item;
$r.content[0].content[0].content, 'Animal';
$r.content[0].level, 1;
$r.content[2].content[0].content, 'Invertebrate';
$r.content[2].level, 2;
$r.content[3].content[0].content, 'Phase';
$r.content[3].level, 1;
$r.content[4].content[0].content, 'Solid';
$r.content[4].level, 2;
=begin pod
=comment CORRECT...
=begin item1
The choices are:
=end item1
=item2 Liberty
=item2 Death
=item2 Beer
=end pod
$r = $=pod[2];
is $r.content.elems, 5;
for 1..4 {
isa_ok $r.content[$_], Pod::Item;
# XXX Those items are :numbered in S26, but we're waiting with block
# configuration until we're inside Rakudo, otherwise we'll have to
# pretty much implement Pair parsing in gsocmess only to get rid of
# it later.
=begin pod
Let's consider two common proverbs:
=begin item
I<The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.>
This is a common myth and an unconscionable slur on the Spanish
people, the majority of whom are extremely attractive.
=end item
=begin item
I<The early bird gets the worm.>
In deciding whether to become an early riser, it is worth
considering whether you would actually enjoy annelids
for breakfast.
=end item
As you can see, folk wisdom is often of dubious value.
=end pod
$r = $=pod[3];
is $r.content.elems, 4;
is $r.content[0].content, "Let's consider two common proverbs:";
ok $r.content[1].content[1].content
~~ /:s This is a common .+ are extremely attractive/;
ok $r.content[2].content[1].content
~~ /:s In deciding .+ annelids for breakfast/;
is $r.content[3].content, "As you can see, folk wisdom is often of dubious value.";
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