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use v6;
use Test;
plan 2;
# TODO: this should be $?OS, but that's not yet supported under Rakudo
if $*OS eq "browser" {
skip_rest "Programs running in browsers don't have access to regular IO.";
ok(PROCESS::<$PROGRAM_NAME> ~~ / t['/'|'\\']spec['/'|'\\']S02'-'magicals['/'|'\\']progname'.'\w+$/, "progname var matches test file path");
ok($*PROGRAM_NAME ~~ / t['/'|'\\']spec['/'|'\\']S02'-'magicals['/'|'\\']progname'.'\w+$/, "progname var accessible as context var");
# above is a junction hack for Unix and Win32 file
# paths until the FileSpec hack is working - Stevan
# changed junction hack in test 2 to regex for Rakudo fudged filename - mberends
# vim: ft=perl6
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