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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
@*INC.push: 't/spec/packages';
eval_lives_ok 'use Fancy::Utilities', 'Can use Fancy::Utilities';
use Fancy::Utilities :greet;
is Fancy::Utilities::lolgreet('Tene'), 'O HAI TENE', 'Referencing subs by fullname works';
is lolgreet('Jnthn'), 'O HAI JNTHN', 'Exporting symbols works';
#?rakudo skip "Importing symbols by name doesn't work in current Rakudo"
eval_lives_ok 'use Fancy::Utilities :shortgreet, :lolgreet;', 'Can import symbols by name';
use Fancy::Utilities :shortgreet, :lolgreet;
is lolgreet('Tene'), 'O HAI TENE', 'Explicitly importing symbols by name works';
nok nicegreet('Jnthn'), 'Good morning, Jnthn!', 'Cannot use a sub not explicitly imported';
eval_lives_ok 'use Fancy::Utilities :ALL;', 'Can import everything marked for export using :ALL';
use Fancy::Utilities :ALL;
is lolrequest("Cake"), 'I CAN HAZ A CAKE?', 'Can use a sub marked as exported and imported via :ALL';
#?rakudo skip "Multi subs aren't imported by default in current Rakudo - is this to spec?"
use Fancy::Utilities;
is greet(), 'Hi!', "Multi subs are imported by default - is this to spec?";
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