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use v6;
use Test;
plan 5;
# TODO: smart match against a grammar to get a Match object
# isn't specced and will likely change; see
=begin description
S05-Grammar namespace-related tests
=end description
=begin description
check that grammar and regex namespaces don't collide, RT #58678
=end description
grammar A {
rule TOP {\d+};
my regex b {\d+};
isa_ok(A.WHAT, A, 'regex defined in separate namespace from grammar');
isa_ok(&b.WHAT, Regex, 'regex defined in separate namespace from grammar');
is('1245' ~~ &b, '1245', 'Match against regex');
=begin description
check that multi-jointed namespaces work with grammars
=end description
grammar Foo::Bar {
token foo { foo }
ok("foo" ~~ &Foo::Bar::foo, 'regex in a namespace callable');
grammar Grammar::Deep { token foo { 'foo' }; }
grammar GrammarShallow { token TOP { <Grammar::Deep::foo> 'bar' }; }
#?niecza skip 'Cannot dispatch to a method on GrammarShallow because it is not inherited or done by Cursor'
ok('foobar' ~~ /<GrammarShallow::TOP>/, 'regex can call regex in nested namespace');
# vim: ft=perl6
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