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use v6;
use Test;
=begin desc
Closure over parameters of outer subs, as per
# L<S04/The Relationship of Blocks and Declarations/"Every block is a
# closure">
# L<S06/Dynamically scoped subroutines>
=end desc
plan 4;
sub factorial (Int $n) {
my sub facti (Int $acc, Int $i) {
return $acc if $i > $n;
facti($acc * $i, $i + 1);
facti(1, 1);
} ;
is factorial(0), 1, "closing over params of outer subs (0)";
is factorial(1), 1, "closing over params of outer subs (1)";
#?pugs 2 todo
is factorial(2), 2, "closing over params of outer subs (2)";
is factorial(3), 6, "closing over params of outer subs (3)";
# vim: ft=perl6
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