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use v6;
use Test;
plan 10;
=begin pod
Very basic meta-class tests from L<S12/Introspection>
=end pod
class Foo:ver<0.0.1> {
method bar ($param) returns Str {
return "baz" ~ $param
# L<S12/Introspection/should be called through the meta object>
#?pugs emit skip_rest('meta class NYI');
#?pugs emit exit;
ok(Foo.HOW.can(Foo, 'bar'), '... Foo can bar');
#?rakudo skip 'precedence of HOW'
ok(HOW(Foo).can(Foo, 'bar'), '... Foo can bar (anthoer way)');
#?rakudo skip 'precedence of prefix:<^>'
ok(^Foo.can(Foo, 'bar'), '... Foo can bar (another way)');
ok(Foo.^can('bar'), '... Foo can bar (as class method)');
ok(Foo.HOW.isa(Foo, Foo), '... Foo is-a Foo (of course)');
ok(Foo.^isa(Foo), '... Foo is-a Foo (of course) (as class method)');
lives_ok { 4.HOW.HOW }, 'Can access meta class of meta class';
# L<S12/Introspection/Class traits may include:>
is Foo.^name(), 'Foo', '... the name() property is Foo';
#?rakudo skip '.version, version number parsing'
is Foo.^version(), v0.0.1, '... the version() property is 0.0.1';
#?rakudo skip '.layout'
is Foo.^layout, P6opaque, '^.layout';
# vim: ft=perl6
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