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use v6;
use Test;
plan 8;
# L<S14/Traits/>
my @attr_names;
multi trait_mod:<is>(Attribute $a, :$noted!) {
push @attr_names, $;
role doc { has $.doc is rw }
multi trait_mod:<is>(Attribute $a, doc, $arg) {
$a.container.VAR does doc($arg);
class T1 {
has $!a is noted;
class T2 is T1 {
has %!b is noted;
has @!c is noted;
# Force class to create itself and thus apply the traits, for implementations
# that do such things lazily.
ok ~~ T2, 'class with traits applied to attributes by name instantiated ok';
@attr_names .= sort;
is +@attr_names, 3, 'have correct number of attributes';
is @attr_names, ['$!a','%!b','@!c'], 'trait was applied to each attribute';;
is +@attr_names, 3, 'second instantiation of the classes does not re-apply traits';
class T3 {
has $.dog is doc('barks');
has @.birds is doc('tweet');
has %.cows is doc('moooo');
my $x =;
ok $x ~~ T3, 'class with traits applied to attributes by role instantiated ok';
is $, 'barks', 'trait applied to scalar attribute correctly';
is $x.birds.doc, 'tweet', 'trait applied to array attribute correctly';
is $x.cows.doc, 'moooo', 'trait applied to hash attribute correctly';
# vim: ft=perl6
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