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use v6;
use Test;
plan 12;
# L<S06/Routine modifiers/>
# L<S06/Parameters and arguments/>
# Simple case.
multi m1("foo") { 1 }
multi m1("bar") { 2 }
is m1("foo"), 1, "literal Str in signature matches value correctly";
is m1("bar"), 2, "literal Str in signature matches value correctly";
dies_ok { m1("baz") }, "dies if no matching value even if type matches";
# More complex case. Here we check that the multis get the right narrowness,
# based upon the type of the literal, and are narrower than a candidate of
# the same type because they have constraints.
multi m2(1) { "a" }
multi m2(2) { "b" }
multi m2(Int $x) { "c" } #OK not used
multi m2($x) { "d" } #OK not used
is m2(1), "a", 'literal Int in signature matches value correctly';
is m2(2), "b", 'literal Int in signature matches value correctly';
is m2(3), "c", 'fallback to Int variant which is less narrow than constrained one';
is m2("x"), "d", 'if not an Int at all, fall back to Any candidate';
# RT #88562
multi m3(0 , $ ) { 'a' };
multi m3(Int $n, Str $a = 'A') { 'b' }; #OK not used
is m3(2, 'A'), 'b', 'literal Int, anonymous parameters and default values mix';
multi sub foo(0, $) { 'B' };
multi sub foo(Int $n, Str $a="A") { $a }; #OK not used
is foo(2,"A"), 'A', 'Literals and optionals mix';
# not quite a multi, but also value based
# RT #107348
sub f(True) { 'a' }
is f(True), 'a', 'can call a sub f(True) with True as argument';
is f(False), 'a', 'works with False too, since False ~~ True';
dies_ok { eval 'f(1)' }, 'type constraint is still Bool';
# vim: ft=perl6
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