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use v6;
use Test;
plan 6;
my enum A (a => 'foo', b => 'bar');
is a.Str, 'foo', 'stringy enum first value';
is b.Str, 'bar', 'stringy enum first value';
eval_dies_ok 'my enum B (a => 1, b => "bar")',
'mixed type enums are forbidden';
#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
eval_lives_ok 'my Cool enum C (a => 1, b => "bar")',
'... unles that type covers both enum value types';
eval_dies_ok 'my Str enum D (a => 1)',
'violating an explict type constraint dies';
my enum E ( a => 'x', 'b');
is E::b.Str, 'y', 'Str enum correctly uses string-increment';
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