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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
This file was derived from the perl5 CPAN module Perl6::Rules,
version 0.3 (12 Apr 2004), file t/prior.t.
It has (hopefully) been, and should continue to be, updated to
be valid perl6.
=end pod
plan 11;
# L<S05/Nothing is illegal/To match whatever the prior successful regex>
# so rule prior matches a constant substring
ok("A" !~~ m/<.prior>/, 'No prior successful match');
ok("A" ~~ m/<[A..Z]>/, 'Successful match');
ok("ABC" ~~ m/<.prior>/, 'Prior successful match');
ok("B" !~~ m/<.prior>/, 'Prior successful non-match');
ok("C" !~~ m/B/, 'Unsuccessful match');
ok("A" ~~ m/<.prior>/, 'Still prior successful match');
ok("A" ~~ m/<.prior>/, 'And still prior successful match');
ok("BA" ~~ m/B <.prior>/, 'Nested prior successful match');
is ~$/, 'BA', 'matched all we wanted';
# now the prior match is "BA"
ok("A" !~~ m/B <.prior>/, 'Nested prior successful non-match');
ok( 'A' !~~ m/<.prior>/, 'prior target updated');
# vim: ft=perl6
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