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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
Test C<-p> implementation
The C<-p> command line switch mimics the Perl5 C<-p> command line
switch, and wraps the whole script in
for (lines) {
... # your script
=end pod
# L<S19/Reference/"Act like sed.">
my @examples = (
'-p "-e1;"',
'-pe ";"',
'-pe ""',
'-p "-e1;" "-e1;"',
'"-e1;" -p "-e1;"',
plan +@examples;
if $*OS eq "browser" {
skip_rest "Programs running in browsers don't have access to regular IO.";
diag "Running under $*OS";
my ($redir_in,$redir_out) = ("<", ">");
my $str = "
sub nonce () { return (".{$*PID}." ~ (1..1000).pick) }
my ($in_fn, $out_fn) = <temp-ex-input temp-ext-output> >>~>> nonce;
my $h = open("$in_fn", :w);
for @examples -> $ex {
my $command = "$*EXECUTABLE_NAME $ex $redir_in $in_fn $redir_out $out_fn";
diag $command;
run $command;
my $expected = $str;
my $got = slurp $out_fn;
unlink $out_fn;
is $got, $expected, "$ex works like cat";
unlink $in_fn;
# vim: ft=perl6
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