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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
# L<S29/Hash/=item delete>
=begin pod
Test delete method of Spec Functions.
our List multi method Hash::delete ( *@keys )
our Scalar multi method Hash::delete ( $key ) is default
Deletes the elements specified by C<$key> or C<$keys> from the invocant.
returns the value(s) that were associated to those keys.
=end pod
sub gen_hash {
my %h;
my $i = 0;
for 'a'..'z' { %h{$_} = ++$i; }
return %h;
my %h1 = gen_hash;
my $b = %h1<b>;
is %h1.delete(<b>), $b, "Test for delete single key. (Method call)";
#?rakudo todo 'Slices'
my %h1 = gen_hash;
my @cde = %h1<c d e>;
is %h1.delete(<c d e>), @cde, "test for delete multiple keys. (method call)";
my %hash = (a => 1, b => 2, c => 3, d => 4);
is +%hash, 4, "basic sanity (2)";
is ~%hash.delete("a"), "1",
"deletion of a hash element returned the right value";
is +%hash, 3, "deletion of a hash element";
is ~%hash.delete("c", "d"), "3 4",
"deletion of hash elements returned the right values";
is +%hash, 1, "deletion of hash elements";
ok !defined(%hash{"a"}), "deleted hash elements are really deleted";
my $a = 1;
try { delete $a; };
# XXX do we really want to test against a specific error message?
#?rakudo 1 skip "no rx:P5"
like($!, rx:P5/Argument is not a Hash or Array element or slice/, "expected message for mis-use of delete");
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