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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
# the boundary between run time and compile time is hard to implement right.
# Some of those tests might look trivial, but nearly all of them are based
# on things that at one point or another failed in even rather advanced
# compilers.
is (BEGIN { "foo" }), "foo", 'Can use BEGIN <block> as an expression';
is (BEGIN "foo" ), "foo", 'Can use BEGIN <expr> as an expression';
my $my;
BEGIN { $my = 'foo' }
is $my, 'foo', 'can set outer lexical from a BEGIN block';
#?rakudo skip 'cannot assing to non-container'
our $our;
BEGIN { $our = 'foo' }
is $our, 'foo', 'can set outer package var from a BEGIN block';
sub my-uc($x) { $x.uc };
my ($my-uc, $setting-uc);
BEGIN { $my-uc = my-uc 'Ab' }
BEGIN { $setting-uc = uc 'Cd' }
is $my-uc, 'AB', 'can call subs from an outer scope in BEGIN';
is $setting-uc, 'CD', 'can call subs from the setting in BEGIN';
class SomeClass { };
my $var;
BEGIN { $var = SomeClass };
isa_ok $var, SomeClass, 'use a class at BEGIN time';
my $code;
BEGIN { $code = sub { 'returnvalue' } }
is $code(), 'returnvalue', 'Can execute an anonymous sub return from BEGIN';
my $tracker = '';
try {
eval q[
BEGIN { $tracker = "begin" }
$tracker = "run";
# syntax error (two terms in a row):
1 1
is $tracker, 'begin',
'BEGIN block was executed before a parse error happened later in the file';
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