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use v6;
use Test;
plan 14;
=begin pod
#Basic C<keys> and C<values> tests for hashes and pairs, see S32::Containers.
=end pod
my %hash = (a => 1, b => 2, c => 3, d => 4);
# L<S32::Containers/"Hash"/=item keys>
is(~%hash.keys.sort, "a b c d", '%hash.keys works');
is(~sort(keys(%hash)), "a b c d", 'keys(%hash) on hashes');
is(+%hash.keys, +%hash, 'we have the same number of keys as elements in the hash');
# L<S32::Containers/"Hash"/=item values>
#?pugs todo
is(~%hash.values.sort, "1 2 3 4", '%hash.values works');
#?pugs todo
is(~sort(values(%hash)), "1 2 3 4", 'values(%hash) works');
is(+%hash.values, +%hash, 'we have the same number of keys as elements in the hash');
# keys and values on Pairs
my $pair = (a => 42);
#?niecza todo
is(~$pair.keys, "a", '$pair.keys works');
#?niecza todo
is(~keys($pair), "a", 'keys($pair) works');
is($pair.keys.elems, 1, 'we have one key');
#?niecza todo
is(~$pair.values, 42, '$pair.values works');
#?niecza todo
is(~values($pair), 42, 'values($pair) works');
is($pair.values.elems, 1, 'we have one value');
# test that .keys and .values work on Any values as well;
my $x;
lives_ok { $x.values }, 'Can call Any.values';
lives_ok { $x.keys }, 'Can call Any.keys';
#vim: ft=perl6
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