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use v6;
use Test;
plan 10;
# L<S02/Names/Symbols in the current package>
eval_lives_ok 'our sub eval_born { 5 }', 'can define a sub in eval';
#?pugs todo
eval_dies_ok 'eval_born()', 'call to eval-born sub outside eval dies';
#?rakudo skip 'Null PMC access in invoke()'
#?pugs skip 'OUR NYI'
is OUR::eval_born(), 5, 'call to eval-born our sub via OUR works';
# RT #63882
#?pugs skip "Unexpected: 'A'"
my enum A <a b c>;
is +c, 2, 'c is 2 from enum';
eval_lives_ok 'our sub c { "sub c" }',
'can define my sub c in eval after c defined in enum';
is +c, 2, 'c is still 2 from enum';
#?rakudo skip 'OUR::subname() does not work'
is OUR::c(), 'sub c', 'sub c called with OUR:: works';
# RT #69460
our $rt69460 = 1;
eval_lives_ok 'class RT69460 { $GLOBAL::rt69460++ }',
'can compile a class that modifies our variable';
ok ~~ ::OUR::RT69460, 'can instantiate class that modifies our variable';
#?pugs todo
is $rt69460, 2, 'class can modify our variable';
# vim: ft=perl6
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