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use v6;
use Test;
plan 12;
# L<S05/Changed metacharacters>
# A dot . now matches any character including newline.
my $str = "abc\ndef";
#?pugs todo
ok($str ~~ /./, '. matches something');
#?pugs todo
ok($str ~~ /c.d/, '. matches \n');
# ^ and $ now always match the start/end of a string, like the old \A and \z.
#?pugs todo
ok($str ~~ /^abc/, '^ matches beginning of string');
ok(!($str ~~ /^de/), '^ does not match \n');
#?pugs todo
ok($str ~~ /def$/, '$ matches end of string');
ok(!($str ~~ /bc$/), '$ does not match \n');
# (The /m modifier is gone.)
eval_dies_ok('$str ~~ m:m/bc$/', '/m modifier (as :m) is gone');
# A $ no longer matches an optional preceding \n
my $str = "abc\ndef\n";
#?pugs todo
ok($str ~~ /def\n$/, '\n$ matches as expected');
ok(!($str ~~ /def$/), '$ does not match \n at end of string');
# The \A, \Z, and \z metacharacters are gone.
#?pugs todo
eval_dies_ok('/\A/', '\\A is gone');
eval_dies_ok('/\Z/', '\\Z is gone');
eval_dies_ok('/\z/', '\\z is gone');
# vim: ft=perl6
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