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use v6;
use Test;
plan 10;
# L<S06/Stub declarations>
lives_ok({sub thunder {...}}, 'sub foo {...} works');
eval_dies_ok('sub foo;', 'old Perl 5 "sub foo;" syntax is dead');
sub lightning {...}
# Maybe should be warns_ok
eval_dies_ok('lightning()', 'executing stub subroutine dies');
sub lightning {42}
is(lightning(), 42, 'redefining stub subroutine works without extra syntax');
sub hail {???}
# Should be warns_ok
lives_ok({hail()}, 'executing stub subroutine lives (should warn here)');
sub hail {47}
is(hail(), 47, 'redefining stub subroutine works without extra syntax');
sub wind {!!!}
eval_dies_ok('wind()', 'executing stub subroutine dies');
sub wind {17}
is(wind(), 17, 'redefining stub subroutine works without extra syntax');
sub hail {26}
# Maybe should be warns_ok
eval_dies_ok('sub hail {10}', 'redefining existing subroutine dies');
supersede sub hail {8}
is(hail(), 8, 'redefining non-stub subroutine with supersede');
# vim: ft=perl6
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