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use v6;
use Test;
plan 4;
# L<S06/Required parameters/"Passing a named argument that cannot be bound to
# a normal subroutine is also a fatal error.">
# see
sub a($x = 4) {
return $x;
is a(3), 3, 'Can pass positional arguments';
#?rakudo todo 'Named args, RT #54812'
eval_dies_ok('a(g=>7)', 'Dies on passing superflous arguments');
# see
sub b($x) {
return $x;
#?rakudo skip 'Passing positional parameters as named ones'
is b(:x(3)), 3, 'Can pass positional parameters as named ones';
sub c(:$w=4){
return $w;
is c(w => 3), 3, 'Named argument passes an integer, not a Pair';
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