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use Test;
plan 6;
is(eval("'Yet Another Perl Hacker'",:lang<perl5>),"Yet Another Perl Hacker");
is(eval('"Yet Ano\0ther P\0erl Hacker"',:lang<perl5>),"Yet Ano\0ther P\0erl Hacker","Null Bytes in the middle of a converted string");
is(eval('use utf8;"ąęóśćż"',:lang<perl5>),"ąęóśćż","utf8 in literals");
my &test1 := eval('sub {$_[0] eq "Yet Another Perl Hacker"}',:lang<perl5>);
my &test2 := eval('sub {$_[0] eq "Yet Ano\0ther P\0erl Hacker"}',:lang<perl5>);
my &test3 := eval('sub {$_[0] eq "\x{105}\x{119}\x{f3}\x{15b}\x{107}\x{17c}"}',:lang<perl5>);
ok(test1("Yet Another Perl Hacker"),"Passing simple strings to p5 land");
ok(test2("Yet Ano\0ther P\0erl Hacker"),"Passing strings with null bytes to p5 land");
ok(test3("ąęóśćż"),"Passing strings with unicode to p5 land");
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