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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
This file was originally derived from the perl5 CPAN module Perl6::Rules,
version 0.3 (12 Apr 2004), file t/counted.t.
=end pod
plan 22;
my $data = "f fo foo fooo foooo fooooo foooooo";
# :nth(N)...
nok $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(0)), 'No match nth(0)';
my $match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(1));
ok $match, 'Match :nth(1)';
is ~$match, 'fo', 'Matched value for :nth(1)';
$match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(2));
ok $match, 'Match :nth(2)';
is ~$match, 'foo', 'Matched value for :nth(2)';
$match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(3));
ok $match, 'Match :nth(3)';
is ~$match, 'fooo', 'Matched value for :nth(3)';
$match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(6));
ok $match, 'Match :nth(6)';
is ~$match, 'foooooo', 'Matched value for :nth(6)';
nok $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(7)), 'No match nth(7)';
# :nth($N)...
# for (1..6) -> $N {
# ok($data ~~ m:nth($N)/fo+/, "Match nth(\$N) for \$N == $N" );
# is($/, 'f'~'o' x $N, "Matched value for $N" );
# }
# more interesting variations of :nth(...)
#?rakudo skip 'nom regression'
#?niecza skip 'hangs'
my @match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(2, 3)).list;
is +@match, 2, 'nth(list) is ok';
is @match, <foo fooo>, 'nth(list) matched correctly';
@match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(2..4)).list;
is +@match, 3, 'nth(Range) is ok';
is @match, <foo fooo foooo>, 'nth(Range) matched correctly';
@match = $data.match(/fo+/, :nth(2, 4 ... *)).list;
is +@match, 3, 'nth(infinite series) is ok';
is @match, <foo foooo foooooo>, 'nth(infinite series) matched correctly';
#?niecza skip 'Excess arguments to CORE Cool.match'
is 'abecidofug'.match(/<[aeiou]>./, :nth(1,3,5), :x(2)).join('|'),
'ab|id', ':x and :nth';
nok 'abecidofug'.match(/<[aeiou]>./, :nth(1,3,5,7,9), :x(6)).join('|'),
':x and :nth (not matching)';
is 'abcdefg'.match(/.*/, :nth(2,4,6,7), :x(2..3), :overlap).join('|'),
'bcdefg|defg|fg', ':x and :nth and :overlap';
nok 'abcdefg'.match(/.+/, :nth(2,4,6,7), :x(6..8), :overlap).join('|'),
':x and :nth and :overlap (not matching)'
# test that non-monotonic items in :nth lists are ignored
#?niecza todo
is 'abacadaeaf'.match(/a./, :nth(2, 1, 4)).join(', '),
'ac, ae', 'non-monotonic items in :nth are ignored';
# RT 77408
dies_ok { "a" ~~ m:nth(Mu)/a/ }, ':nth does not accept Mu param';
# vim: ft=perl6
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