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use v6;
use Test;
plan 5;
# L<S06/"Multidimensional argument list binding">
sub get_multidim_arglist (**@AoA) { @AoA }
my @array1 = <a b c>;
my @array2 = <d e f>;
my @AoA = get_multidim_arglist(@array1; @array2);
is +@AoA, 2, "basic multidim arglist binding (1)";
is ~@AoA[0], "a b c", "basic multidim arglist binding (2)";
is ~@AoA[1], "d e f", "basic multidim arglist binding (3)";
my @array1 = <a b c>;
my @AoA = get_multidim_arglist(@array1);
is +@AoA, 1, "multidim arglist binding with only one array (1)";
is ~@AoA[0], "a b c", "multidim arglist binding with only one array (2)";
# vim: ft=perl6
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