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use v6;
use Test;
plan 6;
# L<S14/Roles/"Roles may have attributes">
role R1 {
has $!a1;
has $.a2 is rw;
class C1 does R1 {
method set_a1($val) {
$!a1 = $val;
method get_a1 {
my $x =;
is $x.get_a1, 'abc', 'Can set and get class-private attr from role';
$x.a2 = 'xyz';
is $x.a2, 'xyz', 'Public attribute gets accessor/mutator composed';
role R2 {
has Int $!a;
#?pugs 2 todo
eval_dies_ok 'class C3 does R2 { has $!a }', 'Roles with conflicing attributes';
eval_dies_ok 'class C2 does R2 { has Int $!a }', 'Same name, same type will also conflicts';
role R3 {
has $.x = 42;
class C4 does R3 { }
is, 42, 'initializing attributes in a role works';
role R4 { has @!foo; method bar() { @!foo } }
class C5 does R4 {
has $.baz;
is, [], 'Composing an attribute into a class that already has one works';
# vim: syn=perl6
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