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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
# L<S06/Closure parameters>
my sub testit (&testcode) {testcode()}
ok(testit({return 1}), 'code executes as testsub({...})');
my $code = {return 1};
ok(testit($code), 'code executes as testsub($closure)');
my sub returntrue {return 1}
ok(testit(&returntrue), 'code executes as testsub(&subroutine)');
# with a signature for the closure
#?rakudo skip 'type syntax parse failure'
my sub testit (&testcode:(Int)) {testcode(12)}
my sub testint(Int $foo) {return 1}
my sub teststr(Str $foo) {return 'foo'}
ok(testit(&testint), 'code runs with proper signature (1)');
eval_dies_ok('testit(&teststr)', 'code dies with invalid signature (1)');
#?rakudo skip 'type syntax parse failure'
my sub testit (&testcode:(Int --> Bool)) {testcode()}
my Bool sub testintbool(Int $foo) {return Bool::True}
my Bool sub teststrbool(Str $foo) {return Bool::False}
my Int sub testintint (Int $foo) {return 1}
my Int sub teststrint (Str $foo) {return 0}
ok(testit(&testintbool), 'code runs with proper signature (2)');
eval_dies_ok('testit(&testintint)', 'code dies with invalid signature (2)');
eval_dies_ok('testit(&teststrbool)', 'code dies with invalid signature (3)');
eval_dies_ok('testit(&teststrint)', 'code dies with invalid signature (4)');
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