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use v6;
use Test;
plan 13;
# L<S04/"The goto statement">
=begin description
Tests for the goto() builtin
We have "phases" to make sure the gotos didn't run wild.
=end description
our $phase;
sub test1_ok { return 1 }
sub test1 {
return 0;
ok(test1(), "&sub.nextwith does");
is(++$phase, 1, "phase completed");
# the same, but with subs declared after the call.
sub test2 {
return 0;
sub test2_ok { return 1 }
ok(test2(), "&sub.nextwith does (forward reference)");
is(++$phase, 2, "phase completed");
ok(test3(), "&sub.nextwith does (real forward reference)");
sub test3 {
return 0;
sub test3_ok { 1 }
is(++$phase, 3, "phase completed");
is(moose(), $?LINE, "regular call to moose() is consistent");
is(foo(), $?LINE, "goto eliminates call stack frames");
sub foo {
sub moose {
is(++$phase, 4, "phase completed");
# Simple test case to get support for goto LABEL in pugs
# Source for the syntax: S06 "The leave function"
# > last COUNT;
our $test5 = 1;
eval q{ goto SKIP5; };
$test5 = 0;
#?pugs todo 'feature'
is($test5, 1, "goto label");
is(++$phase, 5, "phase completed");
# this one tests "goto EXPR" syntax. pugs treats "last EXPR" as "last;" in r14915.
our $test6 = 1;
eval q{ goto 'SK' ~ 'IP6'; };
$test6 = 0;
#?pugs todo 'feature'
is($test6, 1, "goto expr");
is(++$phase, 6, "phase completed");
# vim: ft=perl6
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