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use v6;
use Test;
plan *;
# Very basic enum tests
# L<S12/Enumerations/values are specified as a list>
enum Day <Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat>;
is Day::Sun, 0, 'First item of an enum is 0';
is Day::Sat, 6, 'Last item has the right value';
is Sun, 0, 'Values exported into namespace too.';
is Sat, 6, 'Values exported into namespace too.';
# check that the values can be used for ordinary tasks, like
# constructing ranges
isa_ok (Mon..Wed), Range, 'Can construct ranges from Enum values';
is Mon + Tue, Wed, 'Can do arithmetics with Enum values';
my $x = 'Today' but Day::Mon;
ok $x.does(Day), 'Can test with .does() for enum type';
#?rakudo 1 skip '.does for enum value - XXX is this really valid test? asked TimToady...'
ok $x.does(Day::Mon), 'Can test with .does() for enum value';
ok $x ~~ Day, 'Can smartmatch for enum type';
ok $x ~~ Day::Mon, 'Can Smartmatch for enum value';
my $check = 0;
given $x {
when Day::Mon { $check = 1 }
when Day::Tue { $check = 2 }
is $check, 1, 'given/when with enum values';
$check = 0;
given $x {
when Tue { $check = 1 }
when Mon { $check = 2 }
is $check, 2, 'given/when with enum values';
# usually we don't test explicit value for .perl, but here
# it's specced, so we make an exception
is Day::Mon.perl, 'Day::Mon', '.perl on long form of Enum value';
is Mon.perl, 'Day::Mon', '.perl on short form of Enum value';
is, 'Mon', '.name on long form of Enum value';
is, 'Mon', '.name on short form of Enum value';
is Day::Mon.WHAT, 'Day()', '.WHAT on enum value stringifies to the enum name';
enum roman (i => 1, v => 5,
x => 10, l => 50,
c => 100, d => 500,
m => 1000);
is v, 5, 'enum with parens works and non-0 starting point works';
is v.perl, 'roman::v', '.perl works on enum with parens';
is, 'v', '.name works on enum with parens';
enum JustOne <Thing>;
is JustOne::Thing, 0, 'Enum of one element works.';
lives_ok { enum Empty < > }, "empty enum can be constructed";
eval_lives_ok 'enum Empty2 ()', 'empty enum with () can be constructed';
enum Color <white gray black>;
my Color $c1 = Color::white;
is($c1, 0, 'can assign enum value to typed variable with long name');
my Color $c2 = white;
is($c1, 0, 'can assign enum value to typed variable with short name');
dies_ok({ my Color $c3 = "for the fail" }, 'enum as a type enforces checks');
# L<S12/Enumerations/"Like type names, enum names are parsed as standalone tokens">
# conflict between subs and enums
my sub white { 'sub' };
#?rakudo todo 'subs and enums with conflicting names'
is white, 0, 'short name of the enum without parenthesis is an enum';
is white(), 'sub', 'short name with parenthesis is a sub';
# L<S12/Enumerations/"define a .pick method">
lives_ok { my Color $k = Color.pick }, 'Color.pick assigns to Color var';
isa_ok Color.pick, Color.pick.WHAT, 'Color.pick.isa';
ok ?(Color.pick == any(Color::white, Color::gray, Color::black)),
'.pick on enums';
ok Color.pick(2) == 2, '.pick(2) on enums';
#?rakudo skip 'RT 71460: Null PMC access'
enum RT71460::Bug <rt71460 bug71460 ticket71460>;
is bug71460, 1, 'enum element of enum with double colons is in namespace';
# vim: ft=perl6
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