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use v6;
use Test;
plan 39;
# L<S12/Single inheritance/An "isa" is just a trait that happens to be another class>
class Foo {
has $.bar is rw;
has $.value is rw;
method baz { return 'Foo::baz' }
method getme($self:) returns Foo { return $self }
class Foo::Bar is Foo {
has $.bar2 is rw;
method baz { return 'Foo::Bar::baz' }
method fud { return 'Foo::Bar::fud' }
method super_baz ($self:) { return $self.Foo::baz() }
class Unrelated {
method something { 'bad' };
my $foo_bar =;
isa_ok($foo_bar, Foo::Bar);
ok(!defined($foo_bar.bar2()), '... we have our autogenerated accessor');
ok(!defined($, '... we inherited the superclass autogenerated accessor');
lives_ok { $ = 'BAR' }, '... our inherited the superclass autogenerated accessor is rw';
is($, 'BAR', '... our inherited the superclass autogenerated accessor is rw');
lives_ok { $foo_bar.bar2 = 'BAR2'; }, '... our autogenerated accessor is rw';
is($foo_bar.bar2(), 'BAR2', '... our autogenerated accessor is rw');
is($foo_bar.baz(), 'Foo::Bar::baz', '... our subclass overrides the superclass method');
is($foo_bar.super_baz(), 'Foo::baz', '... our subclass can still access the superclass method through Foo::');
is($foo_bar.fud(), 'Foo::Bar::fud', '... sanity check on uninherited method');
is($foo_bar.getme, $foo_bar, 'can call inherited methods');
is($foo_bar.getme.baz, "Foo::Bar::baz", 'chained method dispatch on altered method');
ok(!defined($foo_bar.value), 'value can be used for attribute name in derived classes');
my $fud;
lives_ok { $fud = $foo_bar.getme.fud }, 'chained method dispatch on altered method';
is($fud, "Foo::Bar::fud", "returned value is correct");
is $foo_bar.Foo::baz, 'Foo::baz', '$obj.Class::method syntax works';
#?pugs todo
dies_ok { $foo_bar.Unrelated::something() },
'Cannot call unrelated method with $obj.Class::method syntax';
# See thread "Quick OO .isa question" on p6l started by Ingo Blechschmidt:
# L<"">
ok Foo::Bar.isa(Foo), "subclass.isa(superclass) is true";
ok Foo::Bar.isa(Foo::Bar), "subclass.isa(same_subclass) is true";
#?pugs skip 'No compatible multi variant found: "&isa"'
ok Foo::Bar.HOW.isa(Foo::Bar, Foo), "subclass.HOW.isa(superclass) is true";
#?pugs skip 'No compatible multi variant found: "&isa"'
ok Foo::Bar.HOW.isa(Foo::Bar, Foo::Bar), "subclass.HOW.isa(same_subclass) is true";
#?pugs todo
my $test = '$obj.$meth is canonical (audreyt says)';
class Abc {
method foo () { "found" }
class Child is Abc { }
is( eval('my $meth = "foo"; my $obj=; $obj."$meth"()'), 'found', $test);
# Erroneous dispatch found by TimToady++
class X {
method j () { 'X' }
class Z is X {}
class Y is X {
method k () { }
method j () { 'Y' }
is(, 'X', 'inherited method dispatch works');
is(, 'X', 'inherited method dispatch works inside another class with same-named method');
my class A {
has @.x = <a b c>;
has $.w = 9;
method y($i) { return @.x[$i]; }
my class B is A {
has $.w = 10;
method z($i) { return $.y($i); }
is(, 'b', 'initializer carries through' );
is(, 10, 'initializer can be overridden by derived classes' );
# test that you can inherit from a class with :: in the name.
class A::B {
method ab { 'a'; };
class A::B::C is A::B {
method abc { 'b'; };
my $o =;
ok defined($o), 'can instantiate object from class A::B::C';
is $o.ab, 'a', 'can access inherited method';
is $, 'b', 'can access directly defined method';
# Make sure inheritance from Mu works (got broken in Rakudo once).
eval_lives_ok 'class NotAny is Mu { };', 'inheritance from Mu works';
class DirectMu is Mu { };
ok DirectMu !~~ Any, 'class inheriting from Mu is not Any';
#?niecza skip 'Unable to resolve method parents in class ClassHOW'
#?pugs skip 'No such method in class Class: "&parents"'
ok !( any(DirectMu.^parents).gist eq 'Any()'), 'and Any does not appear in the list of parents either';
#?pugs todo
eval_dies_ok 'class RT64642 is ::Nowhere {}', 'dies: class D is ::C {}';
# check that inheriting from Array works
#?pugs skip "Can't modify constant item: VUndef"
class ArrayChild is Array {
method summary() { self.join(', ') }
my $a =;
is $a.join('|'), 'foo|bar', 'inheritance from Array';
is $a.summary, 'foo, bar', 'and ArrayChild methods work';
my @a :=;
@a.push: 3, 5;
is @a.summary, '3, 5', 'new methods still work in @ variables';
# RT #82814
#?pugs skip 'callsame'
my class A {
method new { self.bless(*) }
my class B is A {
has $.c is rw;
method new {
my $obj = callsame;
$obj.c = 42;
return $obj
is, 42, 'nextsame in constructor works';
# RT 75376
#?pugs skip 'No such subroutine: "&RT75376::B"'
#?niecza skip "Pathed definitions require our scope"
my class RT75376::A { };
lives_ok { our class RT75376::B is RT75376::A { } },
'our-scoped class can inherit from my-scoped class';
ok (RT75376::B.^mro[0] ~~ RT75376::B and RT75376::B.^mro[1] ~~ RT75376::A),
'our-scoped class inherited from my-scoped class has proper inheritance hierarchy';
# vim: ft=perl6
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