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use v6;
use Test;
=begin pod
The ? case definitely shouldn't be a syntax error. The next question is
what the correct boolean value is for a Pair; always-true is now assumed
for consistency with the "one-key hash" semantics.
=end pod
plan 6;
# See thread "Stringification, numification, and booleanification of pairs" on
# p6l started by Ingo Blechschmidt:
# L<"">
my $true_pair = 1 => 1;
my $false_pair = 1 => 0;
lives_ok { ?$true_pair }, 'Taking the boolean of a true pair should live';
lives_ok { ?$false_pair }, 'Taking the boolean of a false pair should live';
ok (try { ?$true_pair }), 'A pair with a true value is true';
ok (try { ?$false_pair }), 'A pair with a false value is also true';
is $true_pair ?? 1 !! 0, 1, 'Ternary on a true pair returns first option';
is $false_pair ?? 1 !! 0, 1, 'Ternary on a false pair returns first option too';
# vim: ft=perl6
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