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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S02/Underscores/"A single underscore is allowed only">
=begin pod
_ should be allowed in numbers
But according to L<S02/Literals/"A single underscore is allowed only">, only between two digits.
=end pod
plan 19;
is 1_0, 10, "Single embedded underscore works";
eval_dies_ok '1__0', "Multiple embedded underscores fail";
eval_dies_ok '_10', "Leading underscore fails";
eval_dies_ok '10_', "Trailing underscore fails";
eval_dies_ok '10_.0', "Underscore before . fails";
eval_dies_ok '10._0', "Underscore after . fails";
eval_dies_ok '10_e1', "Underscore before e fails";
eval_dies_ok '10e_1', "Underscore after e fails";
eval_dies_ok '10_E1', "Underscore before E fails";
eval_dies_ok '10E_1', "Underscore after E fails";
ok 3.1_41 == 3.141, "Underscores work with floating point after decimal";
ok 10_0.8 == 100.8, "Underscores work with floating point before decimal";
is 0xdead_beef, 0xdeadbeef, "Underscores work with hex";
is 0b1101_1110_1010_1101_1011_1110_1110_1111, 0xdeadbeef, "Underscores work with binary";
is 2e0_1, 20, "Underscores work in the argument for e";
ok 2.1_23 == 2.123, "2.1_23 parses as number";
dies_ok { 2._foo }, "2._foo parses as method call";
dies_ok { 2._123 }, "2._123 parses as method call";
dies_ok { 2._e23 }, "2._23 parses as method call";
# vim: ft=perl6
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