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use v6;
use Test;
plan 10;
=begin pod
Testing named capture variables nested inside each other. This doesn't appear to be tested by the ported Perl6::Rules tests. That may be because it's not specified in the synopsis, but Autrijus is sure this how it ought to work.
=end pod
# At the time of writing, these fail under Win32 so they are marked as bugs
# I haven't yet run them under UNIX but I believe they will work
#L<S05/Nested subpattern captures>
my regex fishy { (.*)shark };
"whaleshark" ~~ m/<fishy>/;
is($/<fishy>[0], "whale", "named rule ordinal capture");
is($<fishy>[0], "whale", "named rule ordinal capture with abbreviated variable");
is $/.orig, 'whaleshark', '$/.orig works';
#L<S05/Named scalar aliasing to subpatterns>
#?pugs todo 'named captures'
my $not_really_a_mammal;
my regex fishy2 { $<not_really_a_mammal> = (.*)shark };
"whaleshark" ~~ m/<fishy2>/;
is($/<fishy2><not_really_a_mammal>, "whale", "named rule named capture");
is($<fishy2><not_really_a_mammal>, "whale", "named rule named capture with abbreviated variable");
#L<S05/Subrule captures>
#?rakudo skip 'assigning to match object'
my regex number {
[ $<numeral> = <&roman_numeral> { $<notation> = 'roman' }
| $<numeral> = <&arabic_numeral> { $<notation> = 'arabic' }
my regex roman_numeral { I | II | III | IV };
my regex arabic_numeral { 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 };
2 ~~ m/<number>/;
is($/<number><numeral>, '2', 'binding subrule to new alias');
is($/<number><notation>, 'roman', 'binding to alias as side-effect');
# RT #111286
my grammar G {
token TOP { <a>? $<b>='b' }
token a { a }
ok G.parse('ab'), 'grammar sanity';
is $/*).sort.join(', '), 'a, b', 'right keys in top level match';
is $<b>.elems, 0, '$<b> has no captures';
# vim: ft=perl6
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