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use v6;
use Test;
plan 6;
# no need to do that compile time, sine require() really is run time
@*INC.push: 't/spec/packages';
# Next line is for final test.
GLOBAL::<$x> = 'still here';
lives_ok { require Fancy::Utilities; },
'can load Fancy::Utilities at run time';
is Fancy::Utilities::lolgreet('me'),
'O HAI ME', 'can call our-sub from required module';
lives_ok { my $name = 'A'; require $name }, 'can require with variable name';
#?pugs skip 'Must only use named arguments to new() constructor'
require 'Fancy::Utilities';
is ::('Fancy::Utilities')::('&lolgreet')('tester'), "O HAI TESTER",
'can call subroutines in a module by name';
#?pugs skip 'NYI'
require Fancy::Utilities <&allgreet>;
is allgreet(), 'hi all', 'require with import list';
is GLOBAL::<$x>, 'still here', 'loading modules does not clobber GLOBAL';
# vim: ft=perl6
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