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use v6;
use Test;
plan 9;
# L<S03/Minimal whitespace DWIMmery/Whitespace is no longer allowed before>
my @arr = <1 2 3 4 5>;
eval_dies_ok('@arr [0]', 'array with space before opening brackets does not work');
my %hash = {a => 1, b => 2};
eval_dies_ok('%hash <a>', 'hash with space before opening brackets does not work (1)');
eval_dies_ok('%hash {"a"}', 'hash with space before opening braces does not work (2)');
# XXX this one is wrong, it's parsed as code( (5) )
# agrees on that.
#sub code (Int $a) {2 * $a}
#eval_dies_ok('code (5)', 'sub call with space before opening parens does not work');
class Thing {method whatever (Int $a) {3 * $a}}
eval_dies_ok('Thing .new', 'whitespace is not allowed before . after class name');
eval_dies_ok('Thing. new', 'whitespace is not allowed after . after class name');
my $o =;
eval_dies_ok('$o .whatever(5)', 'whitespace is not allowed before . before method');
eval_dies_ok('$o. whatever(5)', 'whitespace is not allowed after . before method');
eval_lives_ok 'my @rt80330; [+] @rt80330', 'a [+] with whitespace works';
eval_dies_ok 'my @rt80330; [+]@rt80330', 'a [+] without whitespace dies';
# vim: ft=perl6
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