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use v6;
use Test;
plan 8;
# "The context inside of hash and array scripts seems to be/is wrong"
# L<S02/Names and Variables/"The context in which a subscript is evaluated is no longer controlled by the sigil either.">
sub return_01 { my @sub_array = ("0", "1"); return @sub_array }
my @array = <a b c d>;
my @sliced = @array[return_01()];
# @sliced *should* be <a b>, but it is <c>.
# This is because return_012() is called in numeric context, and so return_012
# returns the *number* of elems in @sub_array instead of the array @sub_array.
is ~@sliced, "a b", "context inside of array subscripts for slices";
# Same for hashes.
sub return_ab { my @sub_array = <a b>; return @sub_array }
my %hash = (a => 1, b => 2, c => 3);
my @sliced = %hash{return_ab()};
# @sliced *should* be ("1, "2").
# The above for bug explanation.
is ~@sliced, "1 2", "context inside of hash subscripts for slices";
# This time we return a single value.
sub return_3 { 3 }
sub return_c { "c" }
my @array = <a b c d e>;
my %hash = (c => 12);
is ~@array[return_3()], "d",
"context inside of array subscripts in normal rvalue context";
is ~%hash{return_c()}, 12,
"context inside of hash subscripts in normal rvalue context";
@array[return_3()] = "Z";
%hash{return_c()} = 23;
is @array[3], "Z", "context inside of array subscripts in lvalue context";
is %hash<c>, 23, "context inside of hash subscripts in lvalue context";
@array[3] = 15;
is @array[3], 16, 'context inside of array subscripts when used with &postfix:<++>';
is %hash<c>, 24, 'context inside of hash subscripts when used with &postfix:<++>';
# vim: ft=perl6
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