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use v6;
use Test;
# RT #63826
class EnumClass { enum C <a b c> }
is +EnumClass::C::a, 0, 'enum element in class has the right value';
module EnumModule { enum M <a b c> }
is +EnumModule::M::b, 1, 'enum element in module has the right value';
package EnumPackage { enum P <a b c> }
is +EnumPackage::P::c, 2, 'enum element in package has the right value';
role EnumRole { enum R <a b c> }
#?rakudo skip 'RT 63826'
is +EnumRole::R::a, 0, 'enum element in role has the right value';
grammar EnumGrammar { enum G <a b c> }
is +EnumGrammar::G::b, 1, 'enum element in grammar has the right value';
# RT 66648
enum RT66648 <a b c>;
dies_ok { RT66648.c }, 'die attempting to access enum item as method';
# RT #70894
enum SomeEnum <a b c>;
lives_ok {SomeEnum::.keys}, 'keys on enum stash works';
# L<S12/Miscellaneous Rules>
# see also: RT #63650
enum Maybe <OK FAIL>;
sub OK { 'sub OK' };
is OK, 'OK', 'enum key wins in case of conflict';
is +OK, 0, 'enum key wins in case of conflict (numeric)';
#?niecza skip 'No value for parameter $key in CORE CommonEnum.postcircumfix:<( )>'
is OK(), 'sub OK', 'but () is still a function call';
is FAIL, 'FAIL', 'non-conflicting enum key';
is +FAIL, 1, 'non-conflicting enum key (numeric)';
# RT #112202
#?niecza todo
lives_ok { OK.^methods }, 'can call .^methods on an enum';
# vim: ft=perl6
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