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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S32::Str/Str/"=item chop">
plan 12;
# Tests already covered by the specs
my $str = "foo";
is(chop($str), "fo", "o removed");
is($str, "foo", "original string unchanged");
is($str.chop, "fo", "o removed");
is($str, "foo", "original string unchanged");
is(chop("bar"), "ba", "chop on string literal");
is(chop(""), "", "chop on empty string literal");
# TODO: catch warning, what should be the return value ?
# my $undef_scalar;
# chop($undef_scalar)
# See L<"">:
# &chomp and &wrap are now nondestructive; chomp returns the chomped part,
# which can be defined by the filehandle that obtains the default string at
# the first place. To get destructive behaviour, use the .= form.
=begin more-discussion-needed
XXX: chop(@array) should return an array of chopped strings?
XXX: chop(%has) should return a hash of chopped strings?
=end more-discussion-needed
#?rakudo skip "unspecced"
#?niecza skip "unspecced"
{ # chop several things
my ($a, $b) = ("bar", "gorch");
#?pugs skip "todo"
is(chop($a, $b), "h", "two chars removed, second returned");
#?pugs todo "todo"
is($a, "ba", "first string");
#?pugs todo "todo"
is($b, "gorc", "second string");
#?rakudo skip "unspecced"
#?niecza skip "unspecced"
{ # chop elements of array
my @array = ("fizz", "buzz");
#?pugs todo
is(chop(@array), "z", "two chars removed second returned");
#?pugs todo
is(@array[0], "fiz", "first elem");
#?pugs todo
is(@array[1], "buz", "second elem");
# vim: ft=perl6
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