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use v6;
use Test;
# L<S02/Whitespace and Comments>
=begin kwid
Tests that the List quoting parser properly
ignores whitespace in lists. This becomes important
if your line endings are \x0d\x0a.
Characters that should be ignored are:
Most likely there are more. James tells me that
the maximum Unicode char is \x10FFFF , so maybe
we should simply (re)construct the whitespace
list via IsSpace or \s on the fly.
Of course, in the parsed result, no item should
contain whitespace.
C<\xA0> is specifically an I<nonbreaking> whitespace
character and thus should B<not> break the list.
(RT #122285)
=end kwid
my @list = <a b c d>;
my @separators = ("\t","\r","\n"," ");
my @nonseparators = (",","/","\\",";","\xa0");
plan +@separators + @nonseparators + 3;
for @separators -> $sep {
my $str = "<$sep" ~ @list.join("$sep$sep") ~ "$sep>";
my @res = EVAL $str;
my $vis = sprintf "%02x", ord $sep;
is( @res, @list, "'\\x$vis\\x$vis' is properly parsed as list whitespace")
for @nonseparators -> $sep {
my $ex = @list.join($sep);
my $str = "<" ~$ex~ ">";
my @res = EVAL $str;
my $vis = sprintf "%02x", ord $sep;
is( @res, [@list.join($sep)], "'\\x$vis' does not split in a whitespace quoted list")
is < foo
>, 'foo', 'various combinations of whitespace are stripped';
# RT #73772
isa-ok < >, List, '< > (only whitespace) is empty List';
is < >.elems, 0, ".. and it's really empty";
# vim: ft=perl6