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use v6;
use Test;
plan 15;
# L<S04/The C<lift> statement prefix>
# lift normal multi subs
# the multi being lifted
multi sub mt(Any $x) { 'Any' } #OK not used
multi sub lt1() { lift mt('String') }
multi sub lt2() { lift mt(['Array']) }
is lt1(), 'Any', 'lift basic sanity (String)';
is lt2(), 'Any', 'lift basic sanity (Array)';
# introduce a scope with another lexical multi
my multi sub mt(Str $x) { 'Str' } #OK not used
is lt1(), 'Str', "lift picked up multis from caller's scope (Str)";
is lt2(), 'Any', "lift still considers outer multis";
# lift operators
proto prefix:<``> (Any $x) { die "no multi" };
multi sub lt3() { lift ``'String' };
multi sub lt4() { lift ``4 };
my multi sub prefix:<``>(Str $x) { 'Str ``' }; #OK not used
my multi sub prefix:<``>(Int $x) { 'Int ``' }; #OK not used
is lt3(), 'Str ``',
"lifted operator picked up multi from caller's scope (Str)";
is lt4(), 'Int ``',
"lifted operator picked up multi from caller's scope (Int)";
eval-dies-ok '``"foo"', "Dies when no callable multi is in scope";
# lift with user defined infix and prefix operators
proto infix:<ceq>(Any $a, Any $b) is equiv(&infix:<eq>) {
lift ~$a eq ~$b
multi infix:<ceq>(Str $a, Str $b) {$a eq $b}
my multi infix:<eq>(Str $a, Str $b) {
$a.elems == $b.elems;
ok 'a' ceq 'b', 'infix:<ceq> picked up lifted infix:<eq> (+)';
ok !('a' ceq 'aa'), 'infix:<ceq> picked up lifted infix:<eq> (-)';
my multi sub prefix:<~>(Int $x where 0..4) {
my @conf = <A B C D E>;
ok 'A' ceq 1, 'infix:<ceq> picked up lifted prefix:<~> (+)';
ok !('A' ceq 2), 'infix:<ceq> picked up lifted prefix:<~> (-)';
# default operations: no user defined ~ and eq or ceq
ok 'a' ceq 'a', 'basic operation (+)';
ok !('a' ceq 'b'), 'basic operation (-)';
# with coercion
ok '1' ceq 1, 'basic operation with coercion (+)';
ok !('1' ceq 2), 'basic operation with coercion (-)';
#?rakudo skip "lift NYI RT #124579"
# I hope I understood this part of specs correctly:
# L<S04/The C<lift> statement prefix/"Everything else within a lift">
# etc.
# IMHO that means that it's OK to use undeclared variables in a lift:
sub f { lift $a + $b };
my $a is dynamic = 3;
my $b is dynamic = 4;
is f(), 7, 'Can pick up context variables from the caller';
eval-dies-ok 'f()',
'It is an error if the lifted variables are not declared in the caller';
# vim: ft=perl6
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