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use v6;
use Test;
# this file should become the test for systematically testing
# Match objects. Exception: .caps and .chunks are tested in caps.t
plan 25;
ok 'ab12de' ~~ /\d+/, 'match successful';
is $/.WHAT.gist, Match.gist, 'got right type';
ok $/.Bool, '.Bool';
ok $/.defined, '.defined';
is $/.Str, '12', '.Str';
is $/.from, 2, '.from';
is $/.to, 4, '.to';
is $/.prematch, 'ab', '.prematch';
is $/.postmatch, 'de', '.postmatch';
is $/.list.elems, 0, '.list (empty)';
is $/.hash.elems, 0, '.hash (empty)';
is $/.keys.elems, 0, '.keys (empty)';
is $/.values.elems, 0, '.values (empty)';
is $/.pairs.elems, 0, '.pairs (empty)';
is $/.kv.elems, 0, '.kv (empty)';
nok 'abde' ~~ /\d/, 'no match';
nok $/.Bool, 'failed match is False';
is $/.Str, '', 'false match stringifies to empty string';
# RT #76998, cmp.
my $res = do { 'abc' ~~ /a $<foo>=[\w+]/; :$<foo> };
ok $res ~~ Pair, ':$<foo> returns a pair';
ok $res.key eq 'foo', 'its key is "foo"';
ok $res.value ~~ Match:D, 'the pairs value is a defined match object';
my $c;
#?rakudo skip 'Unsupported use of $¢ variable RT #124997'
ok 'abc' ~~ /.{ $c = $¢ }/, 'current match state';
#?rakudo todo 'Unsupported use of $¢ variable RT #124998'
is $c.WHAT.gist, Cursor.gist, 'got right type';
#?rakudo skip "No such method pos for invocant of type Any RT #124999"
ok defined($c.pos), '.pos';
# RT 77146
my token RT77146_rx { 77146 };
"RT77146" ~~ /(RT)<RT77146_rx>/;
is $/.keys, (0, "RT77146_rx"), "\$/.keys returns both positional and associative captures";
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