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use v6;
use Test;
plan 25;
=begin description
Testing the C<:ignorecase> regex modifier - more tests are always welcome
There are still a few things missing, like lower case <-> title case <-> upper
case tests
Note that the meaning of C<:i> does B<not> descend into subrules.
=end description
# tests for inline modifiers
# L<S05/Modifiers/and Unicode-level modifiers can be>
ok("abcDEFghi" ~~ m/abc (:i def) ghi/, 'Match');
ok(!( "abcDEFGHI" ~~ m/abc (:i def) ghi/ ), 'Mismatch');
#L<S05/Modifiers/"The :i">
my regex mixedcase { Hello };
# without :i
ok "Hello" ~~ m/<&mixedcase>/, "match mixed case (subrule)";
ok 'Hello' ~~ m/Hello/, "match mixed case (direct)";
ok "hello" !~~ m/<&mixedcase>/, "do not match lowercase (subrule)";
ok "hello" !~~ m/Hello/, "do not match lowercase (direct)";
ok "hello" !~~ m:i/<&mixedcase>/, "no match with :i if matched by subrule";
ok "hello" ~~ m:i/Hello/, "match with :i (direct)";
ok "hello" !~~ m:ignorecase/<&mixedcase>/, "no match with :ignorecase + subrule";
ok "hello" ~~ m:ignorecase/Hello/, "match with :ignorecase (direct)";
ok('Δ' ~~ m:i/δ/, ':i with greek chars');
# The German ß (&szlig;) maps to uppercase SS:
#?rakudo 2 todo 'ignorecase and SS/&szlig; RT #121377'
#?niecza todo
ok('ß' ~~ m:i/SS/, "ß matches SS with :ignorecase");
#?niecza todo
ok('SS' ~~ m:i/ß/, "SS matches ß with :ignorecase");
#RT #76750
ok('a' ~~ m/:i 'A'/, ':i descends into quotes');
# RT #76500
my $matcher = 'aA';
nok 'aa' ~~ / $matcher/, 'interpolation: no match without :i';
#?niecza todo
ok 'aa' ~~ /:i $matcher/, 'interpolation: match with :i';
ok 'a' ~~ /:i A|B /, ':i and LTM sanity';
ok 'a' ~~ /:i < A B > /, ':i and quote words';
ok 'A4' ~~ /:i a[3|4|5] | b[3|4] /, 'alternation sanity';
#RT #114362
ok "BLAR" ~~ /:ignorecase [blar | blubb]/, ":ignorecase works with |";
ok "BluBb" ~~ /:ignorecase [blar || blubb]/, ":ignorecase works with |";
# RT #114692
try EVAL '"ABC" ~~ /:iabc/';
ok $!, "need whitespace after modifier";
# RT #77410
#?niecza todo "NYI"
ok "m" ~~ /:i <[M]>/, "ignore case of character classes";
nok "m" ~~ /<[M]>/, "ignore case of character classes";
nok "n" ~~ /:i <[M]>/, "ignore case of character classes";
# vim: syn=perl6 sw=4 ts=4 expandtab
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