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use v6;
use Test;
plan 24;
# Really really really minimal s:P5//// and m:P5 tests. Please add more!!
#L<S05/Modifiers/"The extended syntax">
unless "a" ~~ m:P5/a/ {
skip-rest "skipped tests - P5 regex support appears to be missing";
my $foo = "foo";
$foo ~~ s:Perl5{f}=q{b};
is($foo, "boo", 'substitute regexp works');
unless $foo eq "boo" {
skip-rest "Skipping test which depend on a previous failed test";
my $bar = "barrrr";
$bar ~~ s:Perl5:g{r+}=q{z};
is($bar, "baz", 'substitute regexp works with :g modifier');
my $path = "/path//to///a//////file";
$path ~~ s:Perl5:g{/+} = '/';
is($path, "/path/to/a/file", 'substitute regexp works with :g modifier');
my $baz = "baz";
$baz ~~ s:Perl5{.(a)(.)}=qq{$1$0p};
is($baz, "zap", 'substitute regexp with capturing variables works');
my $bazz = "bazz";
$bazz ~~ s:Perl5:g{(.)}=qq{x$0};
is($bazz, "xbxaxzxz", 'substitute regexp with capturing variables works with :g');
my $bad = "1 ";
$bad ~~ s:Perl5:g/\s*//;
is($bad, "1", 'Zero width replace works with :g');
my $r;
temp $_ = 'heaao';
s:Perl5 /aa/ll/ && ($r = $_);
is $r, 'hello', 's/// in boolean context properly defaults to $_';
my $str = "";
ok(($str ~~ m:Perl5/http:\/\//), "test the regular expression escape");
# returns the count of matches in scalar
my $vals = "hello world" ~~ m:P5:g/(\w+)/;
#?rakudo todo 'NYI RT #125036'
is($vals, 2, 'returned two values in the match');
# return all the strings we matched
my @vals = "hello world" ~~ m:P5:g/(\w+)/;
is(+@vals, 2, 'returned two values in the match');
is(@vals[0], 'hello', 'returned correct first value in the match');
is(@vals[1], 'world', 'returned correct second value in the match');
"a" ~~ m:Perl5/a|(b)/;
nok($0.defined, 'An unmatched capture should be undefined.');
my $str = "";
ok(($str ~~ m:Perl5 {http{0,1}}));
my $rule = '\d+';
#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
ok('2342' ~~ m:P5/$rule/, 'interpolated rule applied successfully');
my $rule2 = 'he(l)+o';
#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
ok('hello' ~~ m:P5/$rule2/, 'interpolated rule applied successfully');
my $rule3 = 'r+';
my $subst = 'z';
my $bar = "barrrr";
$bar ~~ s:P5:g{$rule3}=qq{$subst};
#?rakudo todo 'NYI'
is($bar, "baz", 'variable interpolation in substitute regexp works with :g modifier');
my $a = 'a:';
$a ~~ s:P5 [(..)]=qq[{uc $0}];
is($a, 'A:', 'closure interpolation with qq[] as delimiter');
my $b = 'b:';
$b ~~ s:P5{(..)} = uc $0;
is($b, 'B:', 'closure interpolation with no delimiter');
diag "Now going to test numbered match variable.";
"asdfg/" ~~ m:P5 {^(\w+)?/(\w+)?}; $1 ?? "true" !! "false";
ok !$1, "Test the status of non-matched number match variable (1)";
"abc" ~~ m:P5/^(doesnt_match)/;
ok !$1, "Test the status of non-matched number match variable (2)";
my $rule = rx:P5/\s+/;
isa-ok($rule, 'Regex');
ok("hello world" ~~ $rule, '... applying rule object returns true');
ok(!("helloworld" ~~ $rule), '... applying rule object returns false (correctly)');
# vim: ft=perl6