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use v6;
use lib 't/spec/packages';
use Test;
use Test::Util;
plan 7;
## If this test file is fudged, then MAIN never executes because
## the fudge script introduces an C<exit(1)> into the mainline.
## This definition prevents that insertion from having any effect. :-)
sub exit { }
# L<S06/Declaring a C<MAIN> subroutine/>
sub MAIN($a, $b, *@c) {
ok(1, 'MAIN called correctly');
is($a, 'a', 'first positional param set correctly');
is($b, 'b', 'second positional param set correctly');
is(~@c, 'c d e', 'slurpy param set correctly');
@*ARGS = <a b c d e>;
ok( @*ARGS == 5, '@*ARGS has correct elements');
# RT #114354
#?niecza todo
lives-ok { require HasMain }, 'MAIN in a module did not get executed';
# RT #126029
is_run 'sub MAIN() { map { print "ha" }, ^3 }',
out => "hahaha",
'MAIN return value is sunk';
# vim: ft=perl6
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