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use v6;
use Test;
plan 8;
# TODO: move to S02?
# L<S02/Generic types/>
# Check it captures built-in types.
sub basic_capture(::T $x) { T } #OK not used
isa-ok(basic_capture(42), Int, 'captured built-in type');
isa-ok(basic_capture(4.2), Rat, 'captured built-in type');
# User defined ones too.
class Foo { }
isa-ok(basic_capture(, Foo, 'captured user defined type');
# Check you can use captured type later in the signature.
sub two_the_same(::T $x, T $y) { 1 } #OK not used
ok(two_the_same(42, 42), 'used captured type later in the sig');
my $ok = 1;
try {
two_the_same(42, 4.2);
$ok = 0;
ok($ok, 'used captured type later in the sig');
# Check you can use them to declare variables.
sub declare_cap_type(::T $x) { #OK not used
my T $y = 4.2; #OK not used
#?rakudo skip 'nom regression RT #124940'
ok(declare_cap_type(3.3), 'can use captured type in declaration');
$ok = 1;
try {
$ok = 0;
ok($ok, 'can use captured type in declaration');
#RT #114216
eval-lives-ok q':(::T $x)', "No error on type capture";
# vim: ft=perl6
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