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use v6;
# L<S11/Runtime Importation>
use lib $?FILE.IO.parent(2).add("packages");
use Test;
use Test::Util;
plan 2;
# RT #126688
subtest 'circular dependencies are detected and reported' => {
plan 2;
my $dir = make-temp-dir;
$dir.add('A.pm6').spurt: 'unit class A; use B';
$dir.add('B.pm6').spurt: 'unit class B; use A';
is_run use A, :compiler-args['-I', $dir.absolute ],
{ :out(''), :err(/:i «circular»/), :status(*.so) },
"`use` $_" for 'first run', 'second run (precompiled)';
# RT #132249
throws-like use lib ‘’, X::LibEmpty,
'use lib with empty string throws a useful error';
# vim: ft=perl6