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use v6;
use lib ".", $?FILE.IO.parent.child("lib").Str;
my $required-Test = (require Test <&plan &is &lives-ok &skip &todo
&nok &throws-like &eval-lives-ok &ok>);
plan 34;
# RT #126100
is $required-Test.gist, '(Test)', "successful require PACKAGE returns PACKAGE";
is (require "t/spec/S11-modules/"), "t/spec/S11-modules/",
"successful require STRING returns STRING";
my $staticname;
BEGIN try EVAL '$staticname = Test';
is $staticname.gist, '(Test)', "require Test installs stub Test package at compile time";
# L<S11/"Runtime Importation"/"Alternately, a filename may be mentioned directly">
lives-ok {
require "t/spec/S11-modules/";
is ::('InnerModule').WHO<EXPORT>.WHO<DEFAULT>.WHO<&bar>(), 'Inner::bar', "can introspect EXPORT of require'd package";
is ::('InnerModule').WHO<&oursub>(),"Inner::oursub","can call our-sub from required module";
}, 'can load InnerModule from a path at run time';
my $name = 't/spec/S11-modules/';
# RT #125084
require $name '&bar';
is bar(),'Inner::bar','can load InnerModule from a variable at run time';
# RT #127233
require t::spec::S11-modules::NoModule <&bar>;
is bar(),'NoModule::bar','can import symbol not inside module';
# L<S11/"Runtime Importation"/"To specify both a module name and a filename, use a colonpair">
require InnerModule:file($name) <&bar>;
is bar(), 'Inner::bar', 'can load InnerModule by name and path, with import list';
#RT #118407
throws-like { require InnerModule:file($name) <quux> },
'&-less import of sub does not produce `Null PMC access` error';
# no need to do that at compile time, since require() really is run time
PROCESS::<$REPO> :=<t/spec/packages>, :next-repo($*REPO));
# Next line is for final test.
GLOBAL::<$x> = 'still here';
lives-ok {
require Fancy::Utilities;
is Fancy::Utilities::lolgreet('me'),
'O HAI ME', 'can call our-sub from required module';
}, 'can load Fancy::Utilities at run time';
# L<S11/"Runtime Importation"/"It is also possible to specify the module name indirectly by string">
lives-ok { my $name = 'A'; require ::($name) }, 'can require with variable name';
my $res = (require ::('Fancy::Utilities'));
is ::('Fancy::Utilities')::('&lolgreet')('tester'), "O HAI TESTER",
'can call subroutines in a module by name';
ok $res ~~ ::('Fancy::Utilities'),'package returned from Fancy::Utilities matches the indirect lookup';
# L<S11/"Runtime Importation"/"Importing via require also installs names into the current lexical scope">
require Fancy::Utilities <&allgreet>;
is allgreet(), 'hi all', 'require with import list';
is GLOBAL::<$x>, 'still here', 'loading modules does not clobber GLOBAL';
# tests the combination of chdir+require
my $cwd = $*CWD;
lives-ok { chdir "t/spec/packages"; require ""; },
'can change directory and require a module';
chdir $cwd;
# RT #115626
lives-ok { try require ""; },
'requiring something non-existent does not make it segfault';
throws-like { require Fancy::Utilities <&aint-there> },
X::Import::MissingSymbols,'throws correct exception';
eval-lives-ok q|BEGIN require Fancy::Utilities;|, 'require works at BEGIN';
eval-lives-ok q|BEGIN require Fancy::Utilities <&allgreet>;|,'require can import at BEGIN';
nok ::('&bar'),"bar didn't leak";
require "t/spec/S11-modules/";
nok ::('GlobalOuter') ~~ Failure, "got outer symbol";
ok ::('GlobalOuter').load, "call method that causes a require";
ok ::('GlobalInner') ~~ Failure, "Did not find inner symbol";
# Test that symbols under a core package namespace (Cool::) are merged.
# see, WRT IO::Socket::SSL
my $res = (require Cool::Utils);
nok ::('Cool::Utils') ~~ Failure,'Cool::Utils has been merged';
is $res,::('Cool::Utils'), 'Cool::Utils was returned';
require Cool::Utils;
require Cool::Beans;
require Cool::Cat;
require Cool::Cat::Goes::Splat;
for <Utils Beans Cat>.kv -> $i,$sym {
#?rakudo.jvm todo 'only test for Cool::Cat passes in this loop'
ok Cool::{$sym}:exists,"{$i+1}. multiple requires with top level package already defined";
#?rakudo.jvm 2 skip 'You cannot create an instance of this type'
is,'meow','class in required package';
is,'splat',"class in long required package name";
# RT #131112
#?rakudo.jvm skip 'makes eval-server unhappy (all following test files die), RT #131112'
lives-ok {require ::("t::spec::S11-modules::SetConst") }, "require class with set constant";
# vim: ft=perl6